Best Laser Acne Treatment

What to Expect in Laser Acne Treatment

laser acne treatmentThings will always have a pro and con side on them no matter what they are. There are things that might be really beneficial that it tends to cloud up their con side. While on the other hand, there are things that really look disadvantageous when used, although they have that pro side hidden under. People tend to choose based on what they see. In other words, people tend to choose those products or items that show good results.

Laser acne treatment is no exception regarding this matter. Although laser acne treatment has become popular these days and is the most widely used acne treatment aside from topical medications, it still has its own dose of pros and cons. People shouldn’t really expect much out of using lasers as acne treatments because it has its own cons of sorts.

Instead, here’s what people should expect from laser acne treatment:

Laser treatment might not just be enough. Although laser acne treatment offers promises of acne treatment and acne scar healing, using it alone might not just be enough for some. Others might use other than using the said treatment, like topical and oral medications. This doesn’t mean that using laser as acne treatment is not useful; it only means that it is much more effective when used together with compatible acne medications.

Laser treatment might not work for everyone. Each of us has different skin types which needs different kinds of treatment. One type of medication might not really work at all for some skin types while others might cause irritation as some skin types are sensitive to such medications.

Acne clearing will not be 100% . Yes. Acnes will only lessen, not totally cleared out. Laser treatment doesn’t do things like that. Instead, laser acne treatments only help the skin regenerate by improving collagen growth under the epidermis. Light acne scars might fade away but deep ones can’t be mend by laser and topical medications alone. It might take time for your skin to fully recover and heal.

Results can’t be seen instantly. Laser treatment isn’t some magic that instantly takes your troubles away. Mostly, one would undergo one to two sessions each week for about a month. After that time span, one can see a variety of results, depending on the skin type of the patient who have undergone such procedure.

Good skin care must still be observed. Going through laser acne treatment doesn’t mean that your acnes will not appear anymore. Remember, results are just temporary. One should properly take care of his / her skin even more once that it is already free from blemishes if he / she want to maintain the results.

Laser acne treatments can be expensive. Prices of laser acne treatment vary from the severity of the acne that should be treated. Going through expensive treatments might hurt one’s pocket as laser treatment needs to have at least 2 sessions per week.

In the end, proper consulting must be done with your dermatologist so that you could get the best out of the laser treatment that you plan to go through. Also, dermatologists will also warn you if you are not suited for such kind of acne medication.