Best Laser Acne Treatment

Things to Put in Mind Before Undergoing Laser Acne Treatment

things to put in mindBefore You Undergo Laser Treatment

There are many types of treatments for acne and acne scars.

Acnes made people spend a lot of money just to get rid of them and its mild complications. Well, it’s not that of a “complication” , but blackheads, pimples and acne scars just bring the same problem that acnes do. Being ashamed of acnes is understandable. Who would want to have an acne on their date with their boyfriend / girlfriend? The reason that we must look our best is already a cliche, but its definitely the truth.

Today, there are different varieties of how one can treat acnes. One might use topical medications such as creams and ointments while others might do some oral medication. Others resort to painful processes like dermabrasion, the process of sanding one’s dermis, or excision. One might also undergo the process of drinking antibiotics if they got complications from acnes or if the acne got worse and it cannot be contained by ordinary medical treatment.

Among these ways of acne treatment, there is one way that stands out among the others. Yes. It’s laser acne treatment. Its a non-abrasive process where the laser will treat your skin from inside instead of treating it from the outside. Using laser treatment also has its own benefits, like the removal of scars. Laser treatment also promotes the production of collagen on our skin.

What should people remember before going through laser acne treatment? Here’s a rundown of what they should be doing and put in mind before undergoing the said procedure:

Types of Laser Acne Treatment – Laser acne treatment comes in 2 types: the first one being the ablative laser treatment while the other one is the non-ablative laser treatment. Ablative laser treatment is the removal of the epidermis to promote skin resurfacing and removal of scars. Ablative is not advisible with those that have dark skin tone, as it causes dispigmentation to the skin when exposure is prolonged.

The duration of laser acne treatment – the duration of the treatment depends on how severe the acne problem is. A treatment may last for just a few minutes for simple acne problems while multiple treatment sessions might be needed for those that have severe acne problem.

The kind of treatment depends on the skin tone of the patient – like i have said earlier, acne treatments comes in different types and each one is suited for a certain skin type. Though they bring the same result, they have different side effects depending on the skin tone and skin type. You should consult your dermatologist regarding this matter if you want to go laser acne treatment.

Although laser acne treatment is very useful, it still depends on the patient on how he / she will treat his / her face after the treatment. The treatment alone would bring nice results but it will be better if you take care of it, especially if it is still healing. Also, treating acnes may take some amount time, so one must have patience to bring out the treatment’s best outcome.