Best Laser Acne Treatment

Laser Acne Treatment – Is It Safe?

laser acne treatmentIs Laser Acne Treatment Safe?

Everyone gets acne, and the worst part of having acne is its aftermath – scars. Facial scars are extremely troublesome, and can dramatically affect a person’s self esteem. Acne usually develops on oily skin because of the excess oil clogging the pores. Together with dead skin cells and dirt, oil clogs pores, which will then become inflamed. They can also develop on a person’s body, especially on the chest and back.

Scars can be seen as another form of punishment aside from acne. Dealing with acne first can already be troublesome, but the mark that it leaves behind can be more emotionally devastating. Mild scars can sometimes be treated with ointment and creams.

People who then suffer from acne and acne scars often undergo the process of sanding their own skin if creams and ointments don’t work. This process of sanding one’s skin is called dermabrasion. It is a technique where a wire brush or a burr (diamond wheel with rough edges) rotates rapidly and is pressed on the skin to remove its upper layer, the dermis. This will cause the skin to wound. As the wound heals, the dermis heals slowly and replaces the damaged skin from the previous process. Dermabrasion is effective in removing nearly flat acne scars.

Laser acne treatment is recommended by doctors for patients who are suffering with more severe acne problems. With laser acne treatment, there isn’t nearly as much pain involved as with dermabrasion. This process removes a wide variety of scars and acne problems, only it is non-invasive and does its work beneath the skin surface.

Laser treatment emits bursts of carbon dioxide or erbium energy that eliminates damaged skin areas and promotes the growth of collagen, which is responsible for improving the skin’s flexibility, strength and elasticity. Collagen is also responsible for making skin smooth and preventing wrinkles from appearing, therefore, when using laser acne treatment, skin is made younger through the production of collagen.

Remember, the safest thing to do to before treating your acne and acne scars is to consult your doctor first. Each person varies in acne scar severity, so the treatment procedures that works well for one type of issue or skin type may not work well for another.